Print articles and recipes from Your Nutrition Site

If you are tired of reading on screens and want a hard copy of an article or recipe on Your Nutrition Site.

Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Find the article or recipe you wish to print

Find the article you wish to print and scroll down to the share panel.

Step 2: Click the print button

Click the print button in the share panel.

Step 3: If you do not see a print option

If you do not see the print button in the common share options and hover over more.

Step 4: If you hover over more and still do not see print then click more and search for 'print'

Always use the 'print' share option. Your Nutrition Site has been optimised to print in this format. Do not use printFriendly.

Step 5: You have clicked print you should now see the article in a beautiful print view to keep and reference

Send the content to your printer to keep a hard copy.

Your Nutrition Site is designed to be easy to use and informative

We will be bringing you a series of Site News articles explaining how to use the various features of Your Nutrition Site.