Track recipes with MyFitnessPal
Track recipes with MyFitnessPal
Track recipes with MyFitnessPal Step 1: Choose your recipe

Navigate to Recipe section of Select the recipe you wish to cook.

Step 2: Share to MyFitnessPal

On your phone browser choose the share option. When prompted select to share to MyFitnessPal.

Step 3: Review recipe before saving in MyFitnessPal

You will be prompted by MyFitnessPal to review the recipe before saving. Check that it has matched all the ingredients correctly and the portion size is what you expect.

Step 4: Use recipe in your MyFitnessPal diary

Once you have saved the recipe it will be available and ready to use in your food diary.

Step 5: Use the recipe in your diary

The recipe is now available and can be used in your diary. Simply choose the correct portion size.

Step 6: Add all recipes

Add all recipes to MyFitnessPal. This allows you to access cooking instructions and nutrition information as required.